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Our opulent, deluxe lounges for Patrons include:

  • General discussion: It goes up to 11.

  • Folklore Plus: It goes up to 11.

  • Soundscapes: You get access to them as a Patron. And they go up to 11.

  • Bedtime Stories: You can stay up past 11 listening to them as long as it’s not a school night.

  • Recipes: This is a really good platform for sharing recipes compared to Patreon and Discord. I will make up for our lack of recipes until now by posting 11 of them ASAP.

  • Cooking challenge: Share your Japanese home cooking adventures. (This is my favorite place.)

  • Behind the scenes: Terrie and I share bits of our exciting and fun-packed lives as foreigners in Japan.

  • Pikmin Bloom: Some of us who are of the age where “walking” counts as exercise force ourselves to take stupid walks for our stupid health, and we motivate ourselves by playing Pikman Bloom on our phones. Become a patron–we’ll send you postcards.