Hey, I'm Kai!

Everything’s optional.

  • The name you want to be known by: Kai
  • Your pronouns: (thank you for including this!) they/them is typically safest
  • Where are you listening from: Google Podcasts
  • How long have you been listening: I believe a few months
  • What do you do for a living: I’m a licensed pharmacy technician.

I started listening to Uncanny Japan as a way to get in touch with my culture. I’m half Japanese but wasn’t really taught much about Japanese culture, so I’m trying to do that now by listening to podcasts like Uncanny Japan and learning Japanese.


I used to be a pharmacy tech too!

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Kai, Hello! I’m going to start posting on the forum, too. Easier to follow threads and share things.

So nice to meet you here, too :blush:

It’s definitely interesting. I’ve been doing it for a total of almost 9mo.

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I did it for 16 years at Walmart. It was definitely an experience lol

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I would imagine! I’ve officially been doing it actively for about 9mo. 3mo at CVS to train, about 4 months at a clinical pharmacy, and almost 2 months at another clinical pharmacy that works with hospice patients and their nurses.

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