New yokai merch!

look at my awesome kappa from Sherms!


Omg that is absolutely adorable!!

I don’t go back to the US much but every time I do I’m surprised at how much stuff from Japan is available. Manga tankobon in bookstores, kabocha, sushi and mushrooms in regular supermarkets, edamame snacks in CVS, gacha-gacha machines in shopping malls, Daiso stores…

I think in return we deserve at least some cheeses.

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actually got this in the mail. there is no yokai merch here!

Oooo, my first post. Let’s see if I do this correctly.

Love the kappa! Is Clooney a stuffed animal lover? Or is the kappa safe from adorable little chomping? Cha Cha Maru was a stuffed animal FIEND. Crazy about them, collected them, made sweet l*ove to them. He was a little weird.

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Clooney is a neighbor’s pug, I visit him there, so he’s not getting anywhere near it. But Momo isn’t either, because you have no idea how many stuffed toys she has. She does not need this one and I will NOT share :triumph:

Now THAT makes sense. I was confusing Momo and Clooney on FB and that…that tongue! Momo-chan was so dainty and photogenic, then would come a Clooney photo and I was like woah! :sweat_smile:

There’s an amazing store (complex) in Seattle called Uwajimaya. It has an awesome bookstore (Kinokuniya) attached to it too. I really must refrain from buy everything when i make it over there lol


I was in Seattle for a few weeks and I remember someone talking about that place. I actually think the Kinokuniya here ended up closing during the pandemic. Tragic!

Not only cheese, but affordable cheese. I want to make risotto and have been eyeing the tiny block of parmesan for 20 bucks for weeks now. Pretty sure it’s not going to happen. A girl can dream :yum:

Please use my Patreon contributions as a Go Fund Me to buy you some of that sweet, sweet parm!

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All the love is beaming your way and risotto photo when the masterpiece has been created :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: